Make This: Custom DIY Drawer Pulls

Drawer PullsIf you’ve ever replaced a set of cabinet pulls, then you know how fast the cost can climb for those tiny pieces of metal. Here are 3 DIY ideas that can upgrade those tired pulls on the cheap with something a bit more unique.  

Stone Drawer Pulls

1. River rock stone pulls

These simple pulls are made by gluing river rocks to threaded inserts. Because of the simplicity, the customization is pretty open to whatever will match your cabinets. These smooth pulls can be right from the local creek or sentimental collections from past summer vacations. A few other variations would be driftwood or even shells for a laid-back beach feel.Leather Straps

2. Leather strap pulls

These leather straps can be cut to fit, and lay pretty flat for a minimalist look and feel. This project is a good starter for getting into leather working, with only a few steps and great looking results. Aside from the width, length, and color of the leather, the exposed bolt head can be customized to match up to other hardware in the room.Copper Pulls

3. Copper bar pulls

While not as easy as the other two options above, these copper pulls have a nice industrial warmth that can be customized for the size of the piece. I’d change the design on this one with end caps and spacers for a more finished look like this tutorial did, but overall the look is nice and clean.

Have a project you’re looking to build some custom pulls for? We’d love to hear about it.