How to: Make a Wooden Sofa Sleeve with a Built-In Cup Holder

If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. You set a drink on the arm of the sofa, perhaps a hot cup of coffee, perhaps an icy cold highball, and even though you know that’s not where drinks should go, you go for it anyway, and it spills. It spills on you, on your laptop, on your upholstery, and it’s bad. And I suspect, even though you’ve done it once, you’ll likely do it all over again, because, well, it’s really nice to be able to rest a tasty beverage on the arm of your sofa.    

With this simple woodworking project, you can have both. A handy place to set your drink, and security that it’ll stay in its place. The table-style design also makes for a great place to set the remote, or a good book. 

Check out the simple tutorial from Mandi: Wooden Sofa Sleeve with Cup Holder []