Mar 27, 2015

Make Your Mark: DIY Custom Concrete Letters

Concrete Letter Supplies

Want to make something that looks sharp and lasts for a long time? Try this dual-colored concrete letter for a hefty personalized bit of manly decor.   I haven't done much with concrete outside of building small slabs and a few stepping stones. It's not that I don't like the material, it's just a bit hard to get into something new without a few starter projects. But this year, I have my mind set on a few ambitious projects in the shop involving concrete counter-tops and planters that will fully require me to beef up on my skills. 

Two Toned Concrete Letter

While those large projects are still a few months out, I thought I would find something a bit more manageable to get familiar with coloring, shaping, and finishing the materials. This two-toned concrete letter seems like a great project with enough complexity and detail, but still easy enough to be done in an afternoon.

With a few items and a bit of mixing, this project should come together fast, but having two different shades of materials and a simple form there are plenty of ways to screw it up without some careful attention.

Take a look at the project materials list and more pictures over at Wit and Whistle, and let me know how your custom project goes!



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