Mar 24, 2015

Unsplash: A Free Resource for Amazing and Stylish Downloadable Stock Photos

UnsplashOur remix culture is in this unique place where many of us feel comfortable finding great images online and then retouching/repurposing them to our liking, but our laws aren't quite as forgiving - especially when it comes to using images for commercial purposes. Worry no more...   

Usually if you're looking for a cool image to revamp it can take forever to comb through the slim pickings of photos that fall under the creative commons license on sites like Flickr before finding a single one of quality. But now comes Unsplash, a new website of free, high-resolution photos that uploads ten new images every ten days. You can repurpose/remix/retouch/reuse all of the images any way you see fit (privately, commercially, etc.). Unsplash

There are all sorts of images from a range of topics -- currently there seems to be quite a few landscape city shots and mountain/forest imagery along with some fun portraits.




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Anonymous on Mar 31, 2015:


Chris on Mar 24, 2015:

Um... holy cow, dude.

Total jackpot. What an amazing resource. I absolutely subscribed.