Mar 20, 2015

How to: Install Your Own DIY Industrial "Track" Lighting on the Cheap

ManMade reader Mark Devlin, founder of the DIY site DesignsbyDevlin, came up with this great technique for an "open warehouse" -style industrial track lighting project that's easy to implement in your own home. So we asked Mark to walk us through the process, materials, and techniques. Here's what he had to say. 

Having low ceilings and zero crawl space makes for a challenge when designing lighting for the main room in the house. If you love a good DIY project that involves electrical and industrial lighting, I designed a cheap and unique way to install custom industrial track lighting using simple products from Amazon.com and the hardware store.   

created at: 03/17/2015

First, I needed to find a light. I searched for something inexpensive, multifunctional, and that would look great.  I ended up  finding  the perfect light on Amazon which made for a beautiful display that dims, rotates and pivots. There are 9 lights in all, 3 tracks of 3 and each light can move to accent any piece of the room.

Supplies needed:

  • ~30 feet of ½ inch EMT conduit
  • 9 small octagon EMT boxes
  • 3 large square EMT boxes
  • 12 gauge Romex and some 12 gauge black, white, and green solid wire.
  • Lamps (I used these)

The build is simple and can be completed in a weekend to add a one-of-a-kind personality to any room.

created at: 03/17/2015

Start by measuring the light locations and setting up the general frame.

 created at: 03/17/2015

Once the framing and wiring are complete, drill a 3/8 inch hole in the octagonal EMT box plate cover and deconstruct the cube on top of the light mount so both can be combined.

created at: 03/17/2015 All that’s left is mounting the plate to the box and wiring up all 9 lights.

 created at: 03/17/2015

I have customized many aspects of my home, and I've learn to be truly proud of a project takes just a few things: proper planning, detailed craftsmanship, and choosing unique building materials.

You can follow Mark’s DIY adventures on Instagram and read more about his DIY design work at DesignsByDevlin.com




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Seth on Jan 06, 2017:

It was added; I reached out to Chris with ManMade and he contacted Mark to get the name of the lights. Which I really appreciate!

judge holden on Jan 06, 2017:

There is a link at the top of the article? Are you all bonkers or was that just added?

Seth on Dec 28, 2016:

Thanks for the response Chris! I didn't mean to criticize per-se, just draw attention to the fact that others have expressed the same question as I.

Appreciate the response and ManMade. One of my favorite sites.

Chris on Dec 28, 2016:

Hi Seth,

Actually, the full details of the project that Mark was willing to share with us were included in this post. If you'll look above, you'll note this post is nearly two years old now. I am sorry to hear that Devlin Designs is no longer live, but I couldn't possibly have known that. This is a one-man operation (plus a few great contributors); I'm not able to constantly scan the archives to make sure two-year-old posts are exactly updated.

Since Mark Devlin wrote this up for us directly, I do have his contact info. I invite you to send me an email at [email protected], and perhaps I could put the two of you in touch. I always encourage readers to reach out directly to me if they ever have any questions. I always believe in communication before criticism.


Seth on Dec 28, 2016:

Really frustrating to have no indication of what specific fixtures were used: the website designs by devlin is no longer live online, and he has not posted anything to his instagram acct in 34 weeks. If anyone has found these light fixtures, there are several people interested to know. Also, it would be nice if ManMade could make sure the full details of a project are included before posting.

Couzzo on Dec 19, 2016:

What spot/flood light is this. I'm looking on Amazon but it isn't that easy to find.

Tom on Nov 15, 2016:

can't find these lights. How about a link or at least the exact name.

Mike on Nov 07, 2016:

Do you have a link for those Amazon lights?

Anonymous on Mar 20, 2015:

This isn't track lighting. It's just normal lighting.