Organization Upgrade: Make a DIY Hotel-Style Key Rack

created at: 03/11/2015

No one knows how, but we all tend to collect keys. You know it’s true. Somewhere in your house is an overstuffed bowl or drawer with a few (many) mystery keys. This large wall hanging looks like an old-time hotel key rack which means all those “I dunno” keys can be stored out in the open, and with style.      

Wall Key RackThe great folks over at Remodelaholic saw this great design floating around the net and decided to make their very own rack to tame to chaos in the key department.Chalk Marking

With a few hardware pieces, and a simple framed plank the design gets a great finish coat to look weathered and well used. I’m a fan of the grey finish and may just try it out on my fold-away desk project for the kid’s room. Head over to their site for more pictures, and plenty of information on how to make your own key rack.Nails