Nov 27, 2017

The Best IKEA Hack I've Ever Seen

Laura and Craig from The Makerista take these Billy bookshelves that we've all seen before and transform them into what looks like an entire built-in wall unit. This really is the most impressive DIY IKEA renovation I've seen yet.   

They knew they didn't want to remove any of the hundred year old crown molding and they knew that almost nothing in their house was level, so this entire unit has been built around it all for relatively easy removal.

Additionally, the entire unit was secured to 2x4's against the wall with shims to make everything level.

And voila! In particular I'm a super fan of the sliding ladder, which immediately ups the impression of the entire room.  

Check out the full tutorial here. 


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Jessica Hawn on Aug 13, 2019:

Did you paint these or just leave the finish alone?

Bruce Taylor on Nov 28, 2017:

The extra additional vertical spaces, behind the cover strips, seem to have been utilised. This is an ideal place to store things. You could attach hinges to the covers and use them as a secret storage area.