7 DIY Projects For Your Old Books

If there’s a category of things I constantly have too many of, it’s books. Stacks on stacks on stacks. I have to purposefully keep myself from entering used book stores since I know I already have literal piles of books at home begging to be read, not to mention stacks of books I’ve already read that I don’t intend to hold on to. If you’re past the book lamp or clock, here are 7 next-level DIY projects for those books ready to be recycled.   

Book PrintPage As Canvas

I’ve always been a sucker for literary or text-driven art, and this is a nice way to blend them all into one project. Simply find a book big enough (e.g. a dictionary) or paste some choice pages together and your home printer aught to be able to print out your chosen images on top of it. 

book envelopesVintage Literary Envelopes

Up your thoughtful-card-sending game with nothing more than an exact knife, a favorite book, and some good clean folds. Go the extra mile and make it favorite of the receiver’s or choose a poignant passage relating to him/her. 

Frame Book Covers

This is one is simple and makes a great date idea. Go out to a used bookstore and look for the most attractive book cover you can find. Maybe it’s an old favorite, an inside joke, or a book you’ve never heard of. Take them home and frame them above. Better yet, choose books for each other and finish the date off by framing them together over a bottle of wine…

Book SucculentsBook Planters

It doesn’t get more hipster than this, but the final project is really a beautiful (and surprisingly cheap/easy) design to showcase your love of books/nature/design. I’ll be making one of these later this week and I’ll let you know how it turns out in the comments. 

Desk of Books

You don’t need to go this big, but hey, get inspired! There are lots of designs available with a Google search. Heck, build a whole house out of books.

Book Charging Dock

Similar to the bedside lamp, just a little more practical. And, you know… pick better books.

Coat Rack

I really like the look of this with all of the mismatching books and hooks in particular. I think this could really add some cozy charm to a more rustic home as well.