Feb 17, 2015

How to: DIY Burned Wood Finish

Burned Wood TableOne of the most dramatic finishing effects is burning wood to bring out the grain. Here's a quick and fast project that highlights this distinctive technique.   I've tried at least a dozen different wipe-on finishes while making furniture, wall decorations, and even counter tops through the years. Some are designed to blend, some to contrast, and others are great for bringing out the natural character of the wood. But sometimes, a wipe-on layer can't really flesh out the layered textures as well as something a bit more drastic.  Burning Wood Grain

Jessica does a great job walking through the steps of adding a bit of pop to a table project by burning a cheap piece of wood just enough to make the grains really stand out. Take a look at her article and then tuck that new found skill into your mental toolkit for the next project on the list.

Finished Table


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David on Feb 07, 2016:

Hi Anon, once you've put on a finish, burning the surface will release some fumes you really don't want to breathe in. It will also be prone to burn fast. So IF you were to do this, do it with a respirator, outside, and make sure you have a fire extinguisher at the ready.

Anonymous on Feb 01, 2016:

Question. I've put two coats in spareuerthane on my pre made picnic tables before I got the burned wood look idea. Have you ever burned over a finish like that? Wondering if it'll work.

robert Ortiz on Feb 17, 2015:

Try a flame spreader to minimize hot spots