Weekend Project: How to Make a Custom Tool Set-Up Gauge

Pieces for a Custom Set-Up GaugeWhile there are plenty of workshop tools you can buy from the store, the true mark of a handmade maker is when custom tools start showing up on the shelves. Make this simple set-up gauge for faster, more accurate tool adjustments in the shop.   

A substantial amount of time in my shop is spent setting up tools for the next cut. Squinting at flimsy tape measures or battered rules makes even my best tools semi-accurate at best. So making a set-up gauge like this can be a fun skill-building exercise that produces a useful tool for much more dependable results time after time.Finished Set-Up Gauge

While the instructions are pretty basic on the tutorial over at Lumberjocks, there are only a few pieces and so following the pictures is all a handy maker will need to produce something that can be counted on for years of perfect set-ups.