Taking Tree Forts to a New Level

Blue Forest The majority of the injuries I sustained as a boy (and they were many) came from jumping (or falling) out of trees and poorly-constructed tree forts. If you were ever a tree fort lover, this post is for you.   

Blue Forest Meet Blue Forest, a specialist luxury tree house company run by two brothers with the intent of building sustainable, fantastical structures from the childish fortress to the romantic getaway. Their clients include successful business men and women, schools, celebrities, and even royalty. 

Blue Forest All of their designs vary based on who the tree house is for, but many of their tree houses feature drawbridges, turret towers, zip lines, and home theater systems with vibes ranging from the Swiss Family Robinson to Hogwarts to a quaint Ewok village. Absolutely watch the video below to get inspired or check them out on their website.