4 Classic Books Every DIYer Should Have on Hand

created at: 01/19/2015

I want to give props to the internet for almost single-handedly fueling the DIY movement across America. If you need to know how to do anything, a search engine will lead you to the answer. Heck, it might even bring you here!   However, there are some things the internet cannot give us so easily. That’s where books come to the rescue! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite books that I keep on hand for whenever I need a helping hand or a reminder to get back on the right track.

4 Classic Books every DIYer Should have on Hand

Handyman In Your Pocket – Richard A. Young and Thomas J. Glover

This little book is amazing. When I say it has everything you’d need to know when it comes to doing anything yourself I’m not kidding. It has charts, quick-reference, guides, definitions, scales and much, much more! I used to run into a problem, like “How much weight a certain length of chain can hold?” or “What gauge of cold-rolled sheet metal do I need for this table top?” This book has kept me fro furiously trying to describe to Google what I am looking for. I keep it nearby at all times.

The Impractical Cabinetmaker – James Krenov

It may seem strange to put cabinetry guide book on this blog, but there’s a lot to learn about what makes up a cabinet that will transfer to anything you want to create. With this book you’ll learn the importance of making things square, planning with accuracy and finishing a project with with the highest quality. Just because something is DIY doesn’t mean it needs to look like you just threw it together. I recently took a cabinetry class based on Mr. Krenov’s methods and I learned more about the basics of anything thing with my hands, not just fancy boxes (cabinets). 

4 Classic Books every DIYer Should have on Hand

The Drunken Botanist – Amy Stewart

I love learning where my food comes from. I believe when you learn the history and science behind how foods come to be you can easily plan where you want that food to go. Learning what composes your favorite liquors and cocktails can give you the confidents to make better drinks (and cook better foods) for you and your friends. This book is a hearty reference for mixing delicious drinks and understanding where and how our favorite spirits came to be.

4 Classic Books every DIYer Should have on Hand

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

This book is a punch in the gut. Inspired by the writer’s personal struggles with demon of resistance, The War of Art is the perfect book for the stuck and uninspired. Written in short, sometimes four-sentence chapters, this book’s brevity will help you get back on your feet, fast. It will break down your walls, clear your schedule and get you back to work. Read it with caution! Don’t let resistance be the reason you don’t go buy The War of Art immediately.