Organize This: How to Make a Wood Crate Charging Station

In Process Charging Station

We all have a space crowded with charging cables, and the inevitable accessories that accompany our tech. this easy to make charging station allows for clean and easy access without the clutter.   While I don’t have a spare wine crate around my house, I’ve been looking for a reason to build a box-joint jig. This wine crate charging station tutorial is a great inspiration for me to build a clean box for the cluttered mess that has become the charging station in my house. With so many devices, we tend to always be plugging in or transferring cords from outlet to outlet in search of a safe place to juice up our favorite devices.Wine Crate Charging StationThis large container provides enough room to hold multiple chargers, extra cables below, and also keep that tech corralled enough to prevent it from creeping too far into our family space.

Take a look at the tutorial for very clean step-by-step instructions, and let us know what you’ve done to tackle the cords in your house!