Jan 12, 2015

This Is Your New Favorite Beer App

created at: 01/11/2015I don't know about you guys, but it took me years to get a sense of what kinds of beers I liked and disliked...and why. Now, with some experience, I have a fairly good idea, but I was pretty impressed with this new app, Next Glass, which keeps track of which beers you enjoy and recommends others based on similar tastes.   

One of the coolest features is that you can take a photo of a beer or wine bottle and the app will then run the data and give you a score of how much they think you'll like it. You can also link up with your friends on the app so you can be the hero of every dinner party by bringing beverages everyone will love. It sounds like a fantastic way for those of you who like me would like to explore a greater variety of flavors, but don't want to have to take a blind stab in the dark with each new choice of alcohol. Available for both iOS and Android, for free.

Download it here: Next Glass


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Next Glass on Jan 16, 2015:

Hi Again, just to reiterate Bruno's point, this is not a sponsored post. We simply like to ensure that we are available for questions should they come up. We do out best to listen to our users, supporters and critics. If you look at some of the other articles allowing comments, you'll see us there, too. Our team welcomes feedback and, really, we're here to keep you happy :) We even have a Happiness Coordinator for support via email and social media. If you have any direct questions, shoot them to [email protected]. Cheers everyone, happy Friday! 

bruno on Jan 15, 2015:

Hi all, no this wasn't a sponsored post. Our sponsored posts are always clearly marked as such. This was just Justin's opinion on a new app he found out about. 

Will on Jan 15, 2015:

Since Next Glass responded in the comments... Was this sponsored? Should that be outlined in the post?

TheBeardedWonder on Jan 12, 2015:

There is already an app that does this for the craft beer crowd, and it's been around for years. It's called Untappd. It's free and does everything listed here except the data run from a photo with "personalized suggested scoring."