DIY Inspiration: Handmade Wooden Tech Accessories

Oree Keyboard and TouchpadIt’s not everyday you see something ordinary revisited so well. The Oree Wooden Keyboard is a piece of excellence that immediately inspires the maker in me. This custom wood keyboard and touchpad are incredible.   I spend a lot of time at my desk. In fact, my keyboard and mouse are polished smooth from hours of typing. Although I’ve tried hard, sometimes my workspace lacks the inspiration that I would like. Even with nice lighting and a few unique pieces, the major eyesore in my space would be my tech. The black plastic are rubber is just so foreign in my wood dominated space. So when I saw the products over at Oree I was drawn to the approach they took with making a space more contiguous by enhancing the tech with a natural design.

Oree TouchpadThe keyboard and large touchpad are connected via bluetooth, and would find a proud place as the focal point to a workspace rather than the unsightly blemish. The collection also includes a wireless charger, iPad pouch, and a few iPhone accessories. While the prices are a bit higher than the plastic I currently use, with the amount of time we spend at our desks, it may be worth it to get a space that truly inspires.Oree Keyboard