5 Seasonal Drinks to Make for Your Next Holiday Get-Together

Pumpkin Buttered Rum

I’m always looking for a great seasonal drink to match the theme of our get-together. This winter weather calls for a few creamy, spiced, and even buttery drinks to help brighten up the season. Here are 5 drinks guaranteed to usher in some holiday cheer.  

1. Pumpkin Buttered Rum (at top) – Exceptionally warm drinks are one of the best parts of the holiday season. While butter seems like a strange ingredient, the creamy texture makes it like a liquid pumpkin pie. This hearty drink goes down smooth, but fills up well so guests can spend more time roasting chestnuts without tracking down a refill. Gingerbread White Russian

2. Gingerbread White Russian – Another favorite flavor of the season would be gingerbread. My grandmother made some of the most amazing gingersnap cookies growing up, and so the taste of ginger tends to bring me right back. While her cookies didn’t pack an imbibing punch, this holiday mixer certainly does.

Pumpkin Spiced Irish Coffee

3. Spiced Irish Coffee – A bit of whiskey in my coffee is a great way to round out the evening. Sitting around the flickering fire with a cuppa’ Irish Joe essentially guarantees a warm memory of the night.

Holiday Spiced Sangria

4. Holiday Spice Sangria – Besides the amazing taste, sangria is easy to whip up which makes it ideal for a big group. This holiday concoction blends cinnamon spice with sweet pomegranate, apples, and fresh cranberries. The combination is a drink just about too beautiful to drink, but go ahead and grab a glass of this liquid holiday magic. White Christmas Martini
5. White Christmas Martini – Like a White Chocolate Milkshake in a glass. This creamy drink has just a few ingredients and with a honey-sugared rim it looks as good as it tastes. While you’re there, take a look at the Cherry Almond Cocktail.

With so many great drinks out there, we’re bound to miss a few good ones. Go ahead and chime in to let us know about your favorite holiday drink so we can all spread that Christmas Magic a bit further this season.