Jul 13, 2010

How To: Affordable Wall Art Idea


Guy couldn't decide what color to paint his wall...so he went with all of them.

Inspired by  Amirko’s ‘Change It’ Wall Design Concept, Guy used a bit of clear tape (we're thinking something like this) to mark off the squares, and then filled them in with a total of twenty-seven shades. We love how it's not just a straight, blended spectrum, but how the pixels vary in tone, in an awesome controlled randomness.   AND...Guy made a video of the whole thing, which took about seventeen hours to complete. We say that's seventeen hours well spent.

ChicTip: Affordable Art Project Idea


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Anonymous on Jul 14, 2010:

I love it - but affordable?? Depending on how he got hold of all those colours, it could have been quite expensive. I'm hoping he had a base of, from what I can see, 8 colours and then one pot of white paint and mixed down several shades. Otherwise, with tester pots at £2/3 each - that could soon add up. Amazing patience though.

amber elizabeth on Jul 13, 2010:

This would be awesome with paint chips as well for apartment dewellers because you could just peel them off when you move.