Not Your Average Pallet Table

Table made from pallets

I must admit. I’m not a big fan of the palette wood “revolution.” It’s a limiting product and it involves a lot of labor to get the result you want. However, I stumbled across this table that approached pallets in an amazing way and it totally got me buzzing for a nice pile of the stuff.    

Typically, you’ll see DIYers using faces of each pallet board to make table tops but not the sides. I love how he uses long rods to stack the layers of wood on each end of the table. This makes it really easy to glue up each board  in the right position.

Amazing Table made of Pallets

Table made from Pallets

I could go on about how cool this is but I think their blog does a much better job. 

Check out the entire process as well as a link to a post where other readers have contributed their own version of his desk.