DIY Project: Build a Simple Metal Tabletop [No Welding Required]

Cutting Zinc At EdgesMy grandparents used to have a mudroom at their farmhouse. It was where everything from the field was shed and washed, but it was also where the food was kept. Along one wall was a long zinc countertop dented and riddled with history, a piece of that old house that really made an impression on me.   This easy to follow tutorial from This Old House details how to turn a sheet of plywood into a piece of family history with a layer of zinc and a few simple steps.

Soldering Zinc CountertopWhile the tutorial shows how to make a simple console table with Ikea legs, it's not too hard to visualize dressing up a yard sale beater with a new surface so look at the basics and let your mind run wild. Take a look at the full tutorial here.

Folding the Zinc Corners

Doing this project? Send us some pics of the finished product!

How to Build a Zinc Tabletop []