How to: Make a Rustic and Stylish Coat Rack

created at: 11/20/2014

My current home has no closets. No coat closet, no linen closet, no bathroom storage…not even a kitchen pantry. Which, once you find a place for the towels and the sheets and the food processor, is okay in the summer, but since fall and winter have set, we’re starting to have a serious pileup of coats, boots, hats, sweaters, and other cold weather armor. 

So, I can definitely see the appeal of this sharp-looking DIY coat rack project by Ryan from You Have Broken the Internet. Made from those home improvement store standards – black pipe and 1x8s – it looks sharps, a bit industrial, and keeps your coats organized. I’m convinced. 

Check out the full how-to: Handmade Coat Rack