Make Your Own Geometric Wood Flooring

Make your own Geometric wood flooring

I stumbled across this fantastic idea for refinishing the floor of a vintage trailer. I must say this is a rather fantastic idea for covering up some rather putrid flooring in a quick, light, and easy manner!    

Make your own DIY Geometric Flooring

I have seen this design and method used on wall coverings and tops of furniture, but never on a floor. I absolutely love the way the grain and color variations can line up and create beautiful swirls and lines. For their project, they used $80 worth of pine and nails. That’s an amazing deal!

Since the majority of us might not be refinishing a vintage trailer, you could definitely use this method when refinishing a lightly used room, a temporary surface or an outdoor space. You’ll also want to use the right wood and finishes according to the space; You’ll want to use cedar outdoors, for instance.

Geometric wood flooring

Even though those white lines in that picture are for pattern illustrative purposes, I love the idea of actually painting lines like that over the flooring just as it looks!

Important note: This method isn’t the best idea for finishing your entire home. You really need to get a good seal and choose woods that will hold up better than white wood or pine. If you do want to finish this for your home, I’d consider treating this project like real wood flooring and use a flooring nailer or flooring glue and finishing everything off with several coats of poly.

See the entire process over at Vintage Revivals.