5 Awesome Fall Beers You Should Try this Season

created at: 10/06/2014

Fall is officially upon us, with its cool evenings, warm and windy days, and the exceptional flavors of my favorite season. As the weather cools down, we heat the kitchen up with long-cooked roasts, simmered soups, and plenty of spiced deserts. But the changing of seasons also rouses a plethora of fall-flavored beers to compliment the heavy meals the cooler weather inspires. So, we’ve highlighted 5 of the brews we wait all year to sample, take a look at the variety of beers that welcome in fall:

1. Tour De Fall by New Belgium Brewing – 6.0% ABV

The Tour De Fall is a light malt ale that starts out bittersweet with a smooth mouthfeel that finishes sweet and crisp. This medium bodied amber beer pairs well with warm soups and hearty stews.

2. Harvest Ale by Founders Brewing Co. – 7.6% ABV

The Harvest Ale is a hoppy brew with fresh citrus hops and a toasted malt finish for those that don’t want the IPA flavor to fade with the summer heat. This light bodied brew pairs well with baked breads, and hefty burgers.

3. Oak Jacked Pumpkin by Uinta Brewing Co. – 10.35% ABV

The Pumpkin Ale just has to be included as a fall flavor. Aging in oak barrels tones down the massive ABV content to a smooth drinkable level, and the spiced flavors bring out the seasonings in roasts with a full bodied mouthfeel and syrup sweet finish.

4. Oktoberfest by St. Arnold Brewing Co. – 6.0% ABV

This amber-hued beer has a full bodied malty-sweet flavor that provides a well rounded taste without a bitter finish. Traditionally, Octoberfest beers celebrated a successful harvest, and today the Octoberfest beers still take their influence from heavy laden toasted malts and well balanced flavors. Pairs well with roasted birds and spicy meats. 

5. Tumbler Autumn Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewery – 5.5% ABV

Tumbler takes all the best parts of fall and combines them for a subtle but complex flavor worth contemplating. The Brown Ale has a malted flavor with notes of chocolate which provide a sweet body but still finishes crisp. Pairs well with baked ham, roasted bird, or grilled fish.

So get out there and find a great fall beer, then sit back and let the leaves pile up while you enjoy a smooth taste of fall. The rake will still be there tomorrow.