Weekend Project: How to Make DIY Modern House Numbers

I know it’s a little cliche and HGTV-y, and like “man cave,” I’ve vowed to try to avoid the phrase “curb appeal,” at all costs, but…for real, switching out your house numbers can totally change how you feel about the entrance to your home.    

This mid-century house number project is actually one of mine: I wrote it for modernism month on Curbly a few years ago. I made these for a previous home and address, and now they just sit on my bookshelf as a typographic curio. 

They’re constructed from an outdoor-friendly composite material called Extira, and sealed with an outdoor silver paint. They’ve held up quite well for a little over three years.

The post has a template to create these Neutra-alike numbers, or you can select a typeface that works best with the style of your home. Happy Weekend!

How To: Make Your Own Mid-Century Modern House Numbers