How to: Tie a Fly

With summer days going away, the season for serious fall activities has begun. For many, that means cool water fly fishing.

Note, I did not say “for me, that means cool water fly fishing.” Because, I have never been fly fishing.    I’ve caught my fair share of fish, sure. It’s what we did ever summer as a kid for family vacation. But that was more of a drop a line in the water and see what happens sort of thing. And I haven’t reeled one in in at least fifteen years.

But, I’d like to. I’d specifically like to learn fly fishing, and I’m especially interested in learn to tie my own flys…because, of course, ManMade. 

This interview with professional angler April Vokey is a great place to start. She doesn’t mention any specific techniques, but gives a great tool list and some books that should help you get started. 

created at: 09/17/2014

When you’re ready to get started, check out the extensive list of videos from Seattle-based outfitter Orvis. They have an amazing variety that can help you seriously develop your technique.

I’m serious about learning this stuff. If any Pacific Northwest-based readers are willing to take me out and show me around, I’d love to learn more.