Fresh Cuts: A Look at Barbershops Around the World

Conde Nast Traveler teamed up with Project Bly, “a travel and design website built on the philosophy that to know a city you must wander its streets” to create a new photo essay called “Fresh Cuts.” There, they’ve shared candid shots of a cross-culture social hub: the barbershop. After all, basically everyone has hair, and most people need it cut.    

What I like most about these images is that there’s always at least three people in the photos – the barber, the hair-haver, and the other dude…the guy waiting in line, the friend who’s reading the paper, the fellow who just hangs out at the barber shop. 

I like the high contrast in these images, and how it captures the textures that these places have. A quick, but worthwhile, slideshow. I hope they do more of these.

Fresh Cuts: A Look at Barbershops Around the World [Conde Nast Traveler, all photos by Project Bly]

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