Tip of the Day: How to Be a Better Reader

This morning, on my bike ride, I saw a sight I hadn’t noted in a few months: dozens of kids walking down the sidewalk, new backpacks and lunch boxes in hand, waiting for the new year to begin. So, in honor of back to school season, why don’t we all take a moment to learn how to be better readers. And by learn how to be better readers, I mean: avoid falling down the internet rabbit hole and ending up with thirty browser tabs every time you need to look something up.     

This piece by Thomas Fricilone offers a how-to of a different sort – how to do what you already know how to, but better. He guides you through some best practices for everything from books and magazines to laptop and smartphone screens. You’ll remember some of the tips from your undergraduate days, but there’s lots of good ideas here. And some humor: “For practice, skim the rest of this article.”

How to Be a Better Reader [Kaufmann-Mercantile.com]