Jul 22, 2014

DIY Idea: Make a Simple Wooden Tool Organizer

This morning, I was scanning a studio tour of Natalie Davis, who runs Canoe, a leather working shop in Austin, Texas. I stumbled across this wood tool organizer and immediately exclaimed (well, in my head), "Oh my goodness, do I need one of those." I'm not sure if its something sold particularly for leather tools (I couldn't find anything at the Tandy website), but its certainly something that'd be easy to make.

Just grab a squarish block of wood - a pine 4x4 post or a basswood carving block, and decide how you'd like your tools organized. You can use this for anything from colored pencils to paint brushes to papercrafting supplies to even your lady's makeup scenario. Use a flexible tape or calipers to measure the diameter, then add a 1/8" and start drilling away. Keep things on the grid, and if you can borrow or use a drill press, you'll make quick work of this. 

Then, rub everything with an oil finish or stain, and clear coat it if it'll be around messy materials. Come up with the right system to keep your stuff organized, and you're good to go. 

For the rest of Natalie's studio tour, check out A Day in the Life of Canoe Austin [DesignSponge.com]




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David S. on Oct 12, 2014:

Tandy, make it yourself, and Brownells also carry the pre made wood blocks. Not very hard to make at all.

SynCallio on Aug 05, 2014:

YES. I may have to do this.

Nico on Jul 23, 2014:

Nice one! I always see my wife with her DIY stuff and thought I have to find my own new hobby. That's how I found your blog. I very like it, great ideas. I could really imagine myself having this organizer at home. Thanks for sharing!