Creative Space on a Budget: A Music Studio Gets an IKEA Makeover

created at: 06/30/2014

Harry Love is a professional musician, DJ, and collector. Which means…he had a lot of records. Like a lot of records. Records in his studio, records in the hallway, records in the bathroom, records he had to move aside to make toast.Which might be okay if Harry lived alone, but he shares his space with his family, including a toddler. So, the folks at IKEA got involved and gave Harry a full studio makeover. 

Watch the video below to see the results: 

The video comes from a cool blogpost on about hacking IKEA furniture for music studio use, including desk ideas, storage, and hacks for making 19″ racks from a nightstand or a $10.00 side table.

Check out the full piece and all the ideas at: Ikea Studio Hacks: Build Your Creative Space on a Budget – Audio Racks, Speaker Stands, Desks, and More!