How To: Make a Removable iPad Home from an Apple Macintosh

created at: 06/25/2010

The Macintosh Classic was Apple’s first low-end computer…sorta like a predecessor to the iMac – integrated CPU and monitor, intended for average users, and sold for under $1000. Or, in its intent of compact but powerful computing and productivity increase, you might say it’s rather the grandparent of Apple’s latest, the iPad.

Which makes it the perfect place to house, charge, and use the iPad when at home. If you can get your hands on an old Macintosh, it’s a simply gutting and an easy cutting of the facade.

   created at: 06/25/2010   Translated: “The basic process is make a hole for iPad, and to remove unnecessary parts.
Carefully polished with sandpaper the cut surface.

Two long tabs inside the front cover don’t remove.
These tabs are required to support the iPad.
Luckily, nice location of these tabs.”

Luckily, indeed.

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