How to: Make an Affordable DIY IKEA-Hack Table

created at: 06/10/2014

DIY meets IKEA meets affordable-is-my-last-name. This table is perfect to hold your summer drinks and snacks and requires little work. Make one this weekend!

Ikea Hack Table

I’ve got a soft spot for projects that take little time to make and go easy on the wallet (especially if you just moved!). This IKEA hack by Emerja Design totally scored on those two categories, so I’ll definitely be making one this summer. 

Patio/summer furniture can be a little bit expensive and you don’t really get to use it a lot… For this project you’ll need to head over to  (you can also order online or scout your thrift shop for similar items), then just gather some paint, scissors, and you’re pretty much set. The table top is built from magazine organizers, which makes for a cool little stash spot to store your goodies. If you decide to use it outside, be sure to paint or seal the wood

We love the handmade wood vibe of this table and the fact that it can totally be customized! E.g. dip-paint the legs, colour block it, or go minimal by painting it all white.

To get the list of materials and step-by-step instructions head over to Emerja Design