DIY Inspiration: Penta-base Bookrest by TOC Studio

Penta-base Bookrest by TOC Studio

Give your favourite books and magazines the royal treatment with a “bookrest” that provides storage for your current reads while showing off their cover art. 

The Penta-base Bookrest by TOC STUDIO is excellent: It’s simple, full of character, and masculine. Its mid-century vibe dribbles just enough to make it a touch vintage, yet it still maintains a contemporary design. Are you sold? We are! Well, except for a wee teeny little detail: it’s totally out of our budget. Dang. 

Still, we can save up, or we can take this as inspiration to create something similar at home. Obviously you would have to compromise and make a few adjustments (probably you won’t be able to make the super rad brass base) and settle for something more affordable.

For the DIYers, here are a few pointers to get started with a design for a bookrest of similar aesthetic:

  1. Grab a couple dark wood planks (the walnut used here is plenty affordable) or cut some plywood and apply dark stain to it
  2. Create an appropriately-sized base with a V-notch to rest the shelf from plaster, or a 4×4″ post that you could paint. 
  3. Glue the rest the the stand, and done. 

I think we should add this idea to our ManMade list for 2014 project, yes?

Learn more about or snag the original at TOC Studio: Penta-base Bookrest