The Masculine Home: 5 Ideas to Create Simple Vignettes

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A vignette is a visual focus point that identifies the character of a room. These intentional areas are often the shots you'll see published in magazines, and you can achieve 'em at home, using mostly items you already have. Here are 5 ideas to get you started.

Use these tips to to make the most out of your space, using what you already own to great effect and keeping it cool and masculine. It can be done, and it's easier than you expect.

1. Sticking to a colour palette (above): first, you gotta choose your colour palette; a couple main colours plus a complementary tone. Above you can see black and white are the main stars of the show, the complimentary colour (tanned) is perfect and adds a touch of masculine to the whole space. The cleaner you keep your paletter the less cluttered and busy it'll look. So yes, get rid of those clashing ikea knick-knacks from college!

clean interiors

2. Make it quirky: adding a touch of playfulness makes a room that much more interesting. In the example above the clean space works great with those empty picture frames combines with one photo. The trick is not to overdo it or it'll look like a storage room. Stick to odd numbers and subtle pieces. Go to the thrift shop and look for unique objects that go with your palette. (image)

space fillers - adding greenery

3. Use space fillers: got a huge empty space? Don't know what to place it in? Add some fillers! Space fillers can be anything from a single HUGE painting to a couple of oversized planters like the ones above. This is the easiest way to get rid of those “dead spaces” in your home that can drive you nuts. No need to spend endless hours trying to select an intricate and cohesive poster collection. (image)

clean interiors

4. Use everyday objects: incorporate objects you use on a daily basis. The bike in the image above is the perfect example: it's clean, it matches the decor, and also doubles as decor. Are you a hat lover? Use a simple rack and display them in your entrance. Got lots of cooking books? Place them arranged by size on your coffee table. You see what I mean now? Oh and keep dirty shoes and nasty laundry hidden away, those never work as decor 😉  (image)

add colour to your room

5. Use color to your advantage: if you absolutely positively do not want to get another piece of furniture, another picture frame, or plant – then use colour as your ally. In the example above the bright yellow on the heater works almost as a statement piece, no need to add anything else! Use this same principle around your home to create simple yet stunning vignettes. Another great example is to paint a door of one bright colour – boom! instant decor. (image)

See, that wasn't so hard. It may be hard to get used to see bare spaces in your home, but trust us, once you get the hang of it and you see how awesome it is to live clutter free, you'll totally love it. Have fun!