How To: Turn Your Own Handwriting into a Digital Font, Easily and For Free

created at: 06/24/2010

There have been several make-your-own-handwriting-into-a-font apps that have popped up over the last few years, but none have actually convinced me to try it until this new solution from Pilot. See, I actually like my handwriting…when I take the time to do it well. Most of the time, if I find myself actually needing to use pencil and paper,  I just end up getting whatever down as quickly as I can. So, it’s pretty inconsistent, and I always figured it’d take me twenty-five tries and lots of white-out to come up with a complete alphabet worthy of digitizing.created at: 06/24/2010

But, Pilot Handwriting’s approach is a bit different. The template looks easy to use, and then you can capture it with your built in webcam, and then edit each letter digitally, within the software itself, so no need for the whole scanner and photoshop song-and-dance.   Check out the process in the video:

[via SwissMiss]