DIY Idea: Make Your Own Rustic Modern Copper Planters

Copper Planters

This warm and rustic yet contemporary copper planters are killer. They’d work in any kind of space, whether you live in a lush home or a modest apartment. Having a fair share of greenery adds lots of life to your environment, and it looks super polished, especially when you dress your plants in swanky pots like these copper planters found in Garden Life.

These planters are a wee pricey ($225) but copper ain’t cheap. Here’s where the crafty you comes handy: you can recreate this look some copper sheets wrapped around a planter or empty paint bucket, secured with rivets. Or, go small scale and try some copper pipe. 

If the copper look is not your thing, but you’re still on the hunt for planter ideas, check out these ideas on ManMade.