How to: Make a DIY Leather Sunglasses Case

Sunglasses weather is back! Well, sorta. Close enough for me, anyway. Sporting a pair is not only practical (it is), stylish (can be), but’s it’s also good for your health. Seriously.

Years ago I learned that in order to keep track of sunglasses, remember to wear them, and not lose or break them, I had to lay down the cash for an investment pair. And in order to protect that investment, I’m looking for a way to carry them around and keep them safe when not on my face.

sunglasses case DIY

Why should you make a DIY case for your glasses?

A – Because you lost the original, or

B – Because a handmade one is better.

Either way, you should protect your sunglasses from the harshness of your back pockets and the dangers that lure in your backpack (cue scratches from keys and loose change).

Wanna make one? Awesome! Run to Clad and Cloth to get the full tutorial before the sun comes out!

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