How to: Make a Super Simple Leather Camera Strap

I’ve own my current DSLR for nearly five years, and for nearly five years, I’ve been promising myself I’d upgrade the stock strap. It’s functional, sure (my camera is often placed in dangerous predicaments) the bright yellow Nikon logo atop the black webbing is pretty visually intense… 

So, I (and my camera) are ready for an upgrade, like this simple but stylish leather strap project. It’s designed to be used as a grip rather than a neck strap, but the design could be adapted to your needs. Just a strap, some smartly placed holes, and you’re good to go.

Matt says, 

It provides just the right amount of handle, but still be very pocketable. You’ll need a small strip of pliable, yet strong leather. I’m using a small piece of the leather we use on our bags, from SB Foot tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota. About 4.5oz weight works really well for this….If your camera has loops like shown, you’re set. If you have a lugged camera, you can buy some small rings to attach first. Make sure your knots are big enough to keep from slipping through the rings. Or, if you’re using detachable rings, you can use the slotted end on both sides.

Get the full how-to at Wood & Faulk: Camera Mini-Strap