Apr 16, 2014

Classic Rock Band Names Simplified into Minimalist Icons

Madrid-based design and art firm Tata&Friends take a stab at icon design by creating these minimalist interpretations of some of their favorite rock and roll bands.     They're neat to look at, of course, but the fun thing here for me is scrolling through and trying to guess the band name before the text gives it away. 

There's definitely a 90s-heavy vibe in their selections, but that makes sense - it's the decade when bands were named after a bunch of seemingly random inanimate objects. 


See the whole collection at Tata&Friends: Rock Band Icons




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HardcorePrawn on Apr 23, 2014:

I recall one of the UK music magazines doing similar in the 1990s, literal photos of band names, including a photo of a bloke taking a hammer to a load of pumpkins.

Rage Against the Machine was another notable one.