Apr 17, 2014

How To: Make a DIY Tree Stump Side Table

created at: 04/17/2014

There are plenty of tutorials to make reclaimed wood or stump coffee tables. Most of them just require for you to get a piece of wood, sand the ends, and call it a day...somewhat negating the need for a tutorial at all. But! This one takes it a bit further by adding an painted gradient or ombre effect for a more finished look.

Stump table DIY

Whimsey Box made this cool table by removing the bark from the stump and applying a few coats of paint. I love that you don't really need crazy equipment to do this. A few basic tools will do, along with some paint and some sheets to cover your floor if you're like me and have to work inside.

For full instructions and more photos, visit Whimsey Box's blog: DIY Natural Ombre Stump Table




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Hannah @ Own The Yard on Feb 02, 2019:

So creative and beautiful. It is a reminder that everything is of use, Where one person may see an eye sore of a stump in their garden and another sees a work of art. What a gift to be able to see such beauty in you minds eye. Keep creating,sharing, and bringing energy back into what would appear to be something without.

sara on May 07, 2014:

this is sooo gorgeus!!