How to: Make Your Own DIY Wooden Sunglasses

created at: 03/13/2014

There are a couple of great small companies making wooden sunglasses – most awesomely Shwood – but I love this DIY tutorial from Norwegian maker Sabladask. His frames are made from walnut, and he ordered replacement lenses and snagged the hinges from a cheap pair of existing plastic glasses. 

He offers a pattern for use with a CNC cutting machine, but you could cut yours with a bandsaw, jigsaw, scroll saw, or even a hand-powered coping saw.

A labor of love, for sure, but I think its worth it. The look is awesome, and you’d learn a lot from the build and shaping process. Or, if you’ve got access to a CNC or even a laser cutter, this could go pretty quickly.

Check out the tutorial and snag the patterns at Instructables: Wooden sunglasses