How To: Super Easy and Strong DIY Bike Stands

created at: 06/02/2010

Like all things with moving parts, bicycles need maintained, adjusted, and repaired. But to work on something whose very job is to move foward, you’ve gotta get it off the road and into the air in order to assess your good work.

So, here’s a collection of DIY bike stands that you can trust to get your cycle at working height, and make sure it stays there.

DIY Bicycle Repair Stand

Here’s an option using 1/2″ galvanized pipe

Adjustable & Portable Bicycle Stand

An adjustable portable stand made from PVC     

Final Check

A European-style, low-profile stand

hyper strong wall mounted bicycle repair standAnd a super strong and sturdy wall-mounted, low-footprint stand

Seen other options you love, or a commercial version you think is totally worth the price? Post them in the comments below.