5 Ways to Transition Your Style from Winter to Spring

“Soon,” says Tanner Guzy, “winter will be waning, and with it we’ll shed our cold weather uniform.” The thaw is coming…some of us had a taste last week, until Titan came along and dumped plenty of fresh ice and snow. But, spring will happen, cause it happens every year (that’s the way this works) and its time to switch up your everyday gear for the transition. 

Tanner continues, “It seems like just yesterday we were talking about making the jump from summer to fall, yet here we are. The reason these two seasonal transitions are the most difficult is because of the more drastic changes in the weather. Spring to summer is as easy as fall to winter – just do more or less of what you’re already doing and you’re set. However, the changeover from the more drastic seasons not only introduces a functional switch, but an emotional one – and a man’s clothing should reflect that. Just like the previous transition, there are a few key ideas to making this easier.”

Read his five tips for making the transition smoothly, while still staying warm and dry, at Primer: 5 Ways to Transition from Winter to Spring