Weekend Project: Make a DIY Heavy Duty Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

created at: 02/28/2014No, it’s not the weekend yet, but this one upcoming is holiday one, so it’s time to get a little head start so you can be ready to go all three-day break long. July 4th is all about getting outside, whether grilling or dining outside, camping, hosting a barbecue or picnic, even when doing yardwork or outdoor maintenance projects. And all those things, we say, deserve music. A standard Bluetooth speaker is a great way to get it from your phone, but because they’re small and often made of fragile parts and cases, they can’t always stand up to the rougher conditions and surfaces of outdoor use. Enter this DIY effort by ASCAS, which places the audio components, including the battery, Bluetooth player, five speakers for a 2.1 configuration, and an amplifier, inside a waterproof case. The whole thing was assembled using a simple rotary tool (such as a Dremel), a drill, and a soldering iron. 

ASCAS provides the full parts list and wiring diagram, so even if you don’t have a full knowledge of audio components or circuit board building, you can obtain the parts and put the whole thing together over a weekend.

Get the full tutorial: DIY Tough Bluetooth Boombox (Lasts 20hrs!)

Happy Weekend! Here’s hoping you get outside.