Design Inspiration: Bread From Scratch

bread from scratch

The backyard earth oven has been taken to a whole new (accessible) level…

Designer Mirko Ihrig came up with the stunning Bread From Scratch. As Mirko mentions, bread has been a part of our diet for centuries, no matter one’s social status or ethnic background. Unfortunately in this day and age of mass production, the art and tradition of making things from scratch has been lost; this is where Mirko’s design steps in to showcase – in a beautiful, modern way – how something as simple as bread is made.

The design includes an oven, stone mill, bowl to prepare the dough, a boars to knead the dough, and a paddle to transfer the freshly baked product to the table. The earthen oven design works equally well for pizza, tortillas, and all kinds of flatbreads.

To see more detailed photos, check out Mirko’s website (and also take a look at his other great designs!).