How to: Make Your Own Wool Fisherman’s Hat

Depending on where you live, these are are known by different names. I’d just call it a “knit cap” or “stocking cap”…some call them tuques, wool hat, toboggan. My hat-loving friend from the Southwest U.S. even calls every non-brimmed hat a “beanie”…whereas in my mind, a beanie is made of rainbow panels, and definitely has a propeller on top. Language is neat.

Whatever you call them, they’re a staple item this time of year, and can be worn in a variety of ways to evoke different traditions.     Laura from The Purlbee call this “the boyfriend hat” and note how standard this item can be for guys. She says, “Some things are for the everyman and, as it turns out, for the everywoman too. I designed the Boyfriend Hat with the versatility of any timeless article of clothing. Man or woman, wear it slouchy or cuffed. Pull it down taut or let it hover above the ears. Cuff it twice for a Wes Anderson style watchman cap….This hat is also exceptionally elastic and durable, hugging the head and feeling decadently soft, even through winter’s wear and tear.”

I’m not a knitting expert…or even an intermediate, but this is the kind of project that makes me want to bust out the needles and learn more about the technique. 

Get the full how-to on The Purl Bee: Laura’s Loop – The Boyfriend Hat