Jun 16, 2010

ManMade Video: How to Make the Ultimate Pair of Bike Pants for Urban Cycling


created at: 06/16/2010

Agreed:  there's plenty of expensive bicycling clothing out there, designed for aerodynamics and for staying out of the way while peddling. But many of us use our bikes for much more than recreation and racing...namely, from getting from one place to another. So, here are several ways to customize an existing pair of pants for maximum usefulness while cycling, but which you can still wear once you've arrived at your destination.   

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Bikes on Kids on Jan 02, 2018:

Gears are very important when going cycle and so are clothes. It must be appropriate to achieve more comfort when cycling. :) Thank you for your thoughtfulness sharing this video. Kudos!

AmyD on Jun 30, 2010:

I love this!  simple, and just a few bucks.  right up my alley.

Alicia on Jun 16, 2010:

I was totally expecting spandex. Nice pants and great video!