No Tree? No Problem. Make This DIY Photo Tree Instead!

xmas inspiration

No space (or patience) for an actual Christmas tree? This DIY idea looks plenty festive, plus it leaves no mess at all. Bu-bye pine needles!

The classics are great, but I love “outside the box” holiday project that really create something unique.

I’m especially into this idea because you can use photos from trips, parties, and other happy memories of 2013. They’ll definitely spark conversations during your holiday gatherings… “hey remember this?! Oh yeaaah”

To make this project you’ll need:

– Square photos: same size would look best (Raid you friend’s Instagram accounts)

– Double sided tape or poster strips

Arrange them like a tree on the floor, and then attach to the wall. Try to select photos that have similar colours (but different textures). You can even do a little bit of processing or editing beforehand to solidify the theme.

Image credit: HeltenKelt