How to: Build a DIY Knife Sharpening Jig

Sharpening a blade at home – whether a pocket knife, a chisel, a kitchen knife, a hand plane blade, a pair of scissors – is a relatively simple process. In theory. In practice, it can be a bit difficult, since the essence of sharpening a blade is less about the ability to remove material and create/straighten a new edge. Rather – the trick is removing that material at the right angle to create the bevel that makes up a blade's sharp edge. Instructable-r gpierson came up with this great way to create a jig to safely sharpen your knives. He says,

For years I have sharpened my knives on a bench stone (with the stone resting on a table or “work bench”), and most of the time, I'd hold the stone in my hand.  I didn't like having the stone flat on the table, so most of the time, I'd hand hold the stone.  After cutting my fingers on more than one occasion, I decided I should figure out a safer way to do this.  If you are sharpening free hand, many of you already know it's very difficult to get the right angle while sharpening your stone.  So not only is this jig a safer way to sharpen your knife, it also helps you get the right angle every time.

He explains how to create the basic structure, then set it up to create the right bevel so you can sharpen at 90°. As he reminds us, a sharp knife is actually safer than a dull one. 

Get the full how-to here: Knife Sharpening Jig [Instructables]