Meet Isaiah Webb, The King of All Beards

Yes. That’s a dude eating ramen out of a bearded bowl. And yes, there’s more where this came from.   

Meet Isaiah Webb, the King of Beards, who manages to be kinda gross and skillful at the same time.

Isaiah  – better known as Mr. Incredibeard – is notorious for creating different looks with a little bit of help from his wife and a whole lot of beard wax. The looks range from the one above, to alien like creatures with tentacles and all – oh! and there’s also one look with burger and fries (see below).

The king of beards

Is that handy or what? Try pulling out this look next time you visit a burger joint. I wonder how much conditioning does he beard need after each shoot? Also, is this considered the ultimate flavour saver? Weird.

What’s not weird though is that beards are HUGE right now. So, fellas like myself that get a subtle “face shadow” (even after dayyyys of not shaving) we’re just gonna skip this trend. But hey, if you look like the mighty Thor, why not taking your look above and beyond like Mr. Incredibeard right here.

Check out the rest of his wacky – and awesome – looks in his Tumblr (warning, there’s one with a cat involved…there goes your productivity for the day).