DIY Idea: Stacks of Books as Home Decor

DIY Idea: Books as Decor

Attention bookworms:  your reading habits are about to pay off as some low-cost, bold DIY home decor. 

We usually tend to design stuff to keep our books organized: bookshelves, tables, racks, you name it. But what about going the opposite way, instead of making furniture to place your books, make the books do all the work!

Yep, these book installations are sorta a reversed DIY… or something like that. As you can see in the image above stacking your books on the wall looks great, and could be an awesome way to fill those short walls and halls and otherwise hard-to-style spaces.. It can almost be a little installation of sorts (one that’s easy to make and super affordable). 

If you were to make this for your own place you’d probably need:

  • A whole bunch of books (maybe go for the ones you don’t like as much in case you wreck them)
  • An invisible shelf
  • Tools to get the task done (screws, screwdriver, glue, hammer, level)

You would only need to find a sturdy spot on your wall to place the invisible shelf, then get stackin’. You’ll probably need to add extra shelves at different heights to distribute the weight, otherwise this thing’d topple, but that’s easy enough to work out. 

What to do you think? Are you a fan of this idea?

Photo by Espen Grønli