Oct 18, 2013

Weekend Project: How to Make a Leather Strap Shelf

Leather Strap Shelf DIY

This weekend, whip up a little rustic storage project with a few simple materials and just an hour or two of work.    What'll you need? Some basic pine shelves, a few precut leather straps, and some hardware (screws, ruler, you know the drill).

Leather strap DIY shelf

Best of all, this shelf can stay as is, no need to paint or finish.

If you need some extra space to store your stuff, this is it, and you can make several in no-time. 

For full instructions and photos, visit Oh So Pretty (say it out loud with a deep voice!).

All images: Oh So Pretty




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DV on Nov 14, 2013:

They can be hard to find, but a real, honest-to-goodness shoe repair shop has a lot of leather laying around.  Take some boots in to be re-soled, or get your wife's heels re-attached, and they're usually pretty cool on the price.

Chris on Nov 13, 2013:

@KD - I always shop for leather goods at my local Tandy Leather store. All kinds of great supplies.

KD on Nov 13, 2013:

Where does one find leather straps? I've been to Joanne Fabrics, and A.C. Moore, Home Depot, Lowes......Do i have to order them offline? Any suggestions would help.

Piotr on Oct 22, 2013:

Tried to do that yesterday, but sadly it didn´t work out, it´s too dicky :( Maybe I should have used different straps, they are too hard...